5 Main Reasons People Cheat in Relationships

As hard as it is for many to accept, almost all of us will experience cheating in a relationship at some point in our lives. Maybe you’ll be the cheater, or maybe you’ll simply witness it happen to someone you’re close with, and not personally have it happen at all. Regardless, cheating is a very sensitive and emotional topic and it’s known to destroy relationships, reputations, and even careers. So, why do people do it? You might think it’s all physical, but that’s actually not the case. For those curious, we have your answers. Below we will address the five main reasons people cheat in relationships.

1. Emotional validation.

The last thing that might come to your mind while discussing cheating is emotional validation- but it’s a huge one. If an individual isn’t receiving the emotional validation at home that they need, they’ll look elsewhere. For example, a husband that neglects to appreciate his stay-at-home wife, or a wife that doesn’t spend enough time with her husband because she’s too occupied with her kids. Appreciation is a key factor in a relationship, and if that goes out the window, don’t be shocked when your partner goes elsewhere.

2. Lack of sexual satisfaction.

This is the most obvious reason for cheating, since affairs usually begin and end with sex. Not surprisingly, a recent study found that this is one of the main reasons for cheating- especially among women. If an individual isn’t satisfied with sex with their partner, they’ll look elsewhere to scratch that itch. The most common line you’ll hear from wives who cheat just for sex is “They mean nothing to me! It’s you I love, they were just a mistake.”

3. Falling out of love with your partner.

This is one of the saddest yet most understandable reasons for cheating. If you know that your relationship is coming to an end, but feel trapped for whatever reason, cheating might seem like an easy way out. You no longer see a future with your partner, so you don’t care about the consequences of cheating. This is obviously a cop out, but a big reason for infidelity nonetheless.

4. Seeking revenge.

In unhealthy relationships where cheating is the norm, a partner could decide to cheat in order to “get back” at their significant other. Basically, instead of moving on or breaking up, they fight with fire and try to hurt the other as much as possible. This is obviously a horrible way to go about conducting an adult relationship, but it’s a possibility nonetheless.

5. Afraid of commitment.

While this seems like a stupid excuse for cheating, it’s a real possibility. Someone who is afraid of commitment and is in a relationship might panic when things get serious and try to combat it by being unfaithful. Their thought process is questionable, but it makes sense that their fear of becoming monogamous makes them cheat. It’s also a way to hold power over the relationship.

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