Top 3 Craziest BDSM Stories

There’s no denying that the world of BDSM can be a strange place. Indeed, the whole mantra of BDSM is about pushing boundaries and exploring the farthest reaches of your subconscious, and of course, this is totally fine. Sexual experimentation is to be encouraged, particularly within the fetish community.

However, not all fetishes are created equal. While BDSM usually implies elements of domination, pain, teasing, submission and a hint of sado-masochism, there have been some instances where people have taken these elements to their most extreme form possible.

Please note, all of these stories come from a sex worker friend of this author who specializes in BDSM play.

The laundry fetish

Before she gets down to business with her clients, my friend usually chats with them to make sure they’re comfortable with what’s about to happen. These conversations usually end up with the guy telling her exactly what he likes so that she can make sure she leaves him satisfied.

One morning however, a fairly charming gentleman walks into her house. As they begin chatting, their conversation takes a strange turn – even for the BDSM world.

The man tells her that he doesn’t want to be restrained to a BDSM table like most clients – he wants her to put his head in the washing machine – alongside a pile of dirty laundry. He then tells her that, since he was a child, he had fantasies of being a piece of laundry, and imagined the pain that the laundry must go through in order to become clean.

She agrees, and while this man is kneeling on her kitchen floor with his head in her washing machine, she begins to spank him across his body in order to simulate the feeling of being a piece of laundry being cleaned.

What a way to go

My friend has a client who is approaching his eighties. He’s been a regular BDSM practitioner for most of his life, and says that his body is showing incredible wear from the amount of lashing he’s taken over the years.

A lot of submissives tend to be older gentleman as the spanking sensation reminds them of childhood beatings from their parents and school teachers – something which brings back pleasant-yet-bittersweet memories. Unfortunately, my friend had to stop seeing this particular gentleman when he made his true intentions clear: he wanted a severe caning to finally finish him off.

He told her to restrain him and cane him as hard as humanely possible because he wanted to die whilst engaging in BDSM play. While his enthusiasm can’t be denied, the moral and legal implications of his wish might be too big of hurdle for even the most hardened BDSM players to fulfil.

Inside a penis

I’ll warn you now: this is going to get very strange. This is perhaps one of the most outlandish fetishes I’ve ever came across, so if you’re squeamish, I advise you to turn away now.

One of my friend’s clients requested that she simulate the environment of him being trapped inside a giant penis. The man wanted to imagine that he had been shrunk down to a very small size and thrust down another man’s urethra.

Not being one to back away from a challenge, my friend agreed. She had to use a variety of tools to achieve the desired result, but she was able to convincingly make this client believe that the pain he was being subjected to was a result of him being thrown around inside another man’s dick.

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